Week 6  This week we get the turret ring and seats

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The colours are a bit wrong this week (I think !)  I think the outside of the turret ring should be dark yellow, but the inside should be ivory.  

I started by gluing the seats and footplate to the turret ring so they can all be painted together.  The back of the commander's seat has been left off to make painting easier.

The ejector pin parks have been filled with Green Stuff, the Games Workshop epoxy filler.  I also filled the gap around the joint where the footplate fitted.  It looked wrong, and I can't find any reference to show where a weld line or bolts should be fitted, so I've settled for just filling the unsightly gap.  You can also see where I've masked the seat bases and support leg fixing points with masking fluid.

Here is the turret ring painted and the masking removed.

And finally the seat cushions are added.  These were painted with a Games workshop dark brown.  Rather oddly, they felt tacky even after several days, but the paint seemed dry.  

The turret floor support legs were painted ivory, but are not added yet.  Watch these legs as they are not quite identical !

The turret ring has had some dirt added by menas of a burnt umber wash.

Here's a close up of the detail.  There is a still a bit of work to be done where the gun will sit.

Things not done yet

Nothing !

Hot tip of the week

A common sense approach to painting is a reasonable approach if you can't find suitable reference material.

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