Week 7  This week we get the turret floor.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The machine gun tool kit and the base of the hydraulic motor are masked so I can have some plastic to glue to rather than paint.  However, the textured finish means that I can't mask the places for the other parts, so I'll clear the holes with a drill after painting.  They are, somewhat annoyingly, too large to use a cocktail stick to block them up.

The hydraulic motor and foot control are assembled prior to painting.  Note that the base of the machine gun tool box is a completely superfluous item so I shan't bother fitting it.

These two parts are now painted with Panzer black grey (Model Air code 056).  I think dark grey looks better than pure black.  Later I shall add some black wash to bring out the detail and make them look a little less new.

I painted the turret floor with Vallejo Model Air Rust, which is very close to the red oxide.  You can see where I maksed it.

Here are the parts in place.  Note that the tool box is only primed at the moment as I'm still waiting for the right coloured paint (Russian Green).  The red oxide colour shows more true to its real colour in this photo (on my monitor at least).

These parts all need a bit of weathering as well.

The floor has been dirtied up with random splurges of a wash of burnt umber oil thinned with MIG thinner for washes.  I concentrated a slightly heavier coat of burnt umber into the hinge line.

There the traversing parts have been dirtied up with a wash of thinned black oil paint.  The oil runs are burnt umber oil paint.  They could still do with some highlights.  Maybe gun metal to suggest the metal underneath where surfaces have worn or paint has chipped.

I'll fix the parts to the turret floor at a later issue

Things not done yet

Issue 7 : Paint the tool box & fit parts to turret floor

Hot tip of the week

Weathering is really best done on all similar components at the same time so you can get the same effect.

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