Week 8  This week we get the gunner's seat and traverse gear.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first step was to glue the parts together into single colour sub assemblies.  Note the hand wheel mounted on a cocktail stick, which not only makes for a handy way of holding the part, but also stops paint getting into the hole so we get a better glue join.

Having tried both Polyweld and superglue to glue this plastic, I prefer superglue.  If you put a fairly generous bead of glue on the edges of the part, the excess oozes out.  Once it's dry it can be sanded off and the glue filled and gap that there may have been.  I also found that Polyweld evaporated very quickly if you paint it on and then joint the parts.  It had to be painted on the joined parts, which is fine if you can get to the inside.  If you paint it on the outside you stand a good chance of marring the surface.

The seat sub-assembly is painted ivory.

Here is the seat with cushions and hand wheels attached.  There is a bit of dust on the seat which seems to want to stick.  I wouldn't use Games Workshop paints on the rubber parts - it seems to stay tacky.

The traverse gear is painted panzer grey and will be weathered later.

I'll call this finished, and glue the parts to the turret floor in the next issue

Things not done yet

Issue 7 : Paint the tool box
Issue 8 : Glue components to the turret floor

Hot tip of the week

Superglue is a good filler for small gaps and join lines.

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