Week 9  This week we get the recoil cylinder and three water Jerry cans

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Just a forward note.  The second half of this weeks instructions involves assembling the turret.  The gun mounts are a little too close together and it's not easy to force the gun so it can be screwed in place.  My solution to this is to slack off the gun pivot screws and pull the pivots out about 1mm.  Then fix the gun before fixing the sides of the turret.  When the gun is screwed in place, re-tighten the pivot screws.  Now continue to fix the sides of the turret.

These parts are glued together in preparation for painting.

The Jerry can rack is painted red oxide (I think this is more likely that green, like James has suggested) and glued in place along with the other components.  The colour if the fire extinguisher is my imagination.  I haven't been able to find any verifiable references to what colour is really was.

This lot has now been weathered with a burnt umber wash and highlights of steel coloured paint (Games Workshop boltgun metal) dry brushed to accentuated areas where light would reflect and/or areas would wear.  E.g. The edges of the traverse motor and linkages, bolt heads, footplate, etc. 

I finally got round to finishing the weathering on the turret ring, and glued the floor to the ring.  Watch out for the two floor supports; they are not identical.

I've deliberately made the dirt thicker at the front of the turret ring where it was less accessible.

At long last, the recoil cylinder has been painted and fitted.  I decided that I could live with the chain as it is, since I couldn't connect it to the breech.  The chain is painted steel colour, and then given a wash of black to bring out the texture.  Unfortunately the black didn't show in the photo.

It just needs a little dirt to make it blend in now.

There are still some more details to be added to the inside of the turret, but I've decided to assemble it for now.

I did have a slight problem getting the starboard side to fit.  The storage compartment parts interfere with each other and stop the sides joining up properly.

It was fairly easily solved by cutting about 1.5mm off the end as you can see below.  This will be touched up later.  I'll also finish the weathering after the final details have been added.

The top screws on easily.  It isn't glued, just screwed, so I can disassemble it easily.

One last little job.  The jerry cans have now been painted.  I mixed dark yellow with sand to give a lightish sandy yellow that looked pleasing to my eyes.  I then masked them and painted the white crosses.  There were very lightly sprayed in white primer.  Masking and painting the crosses was a two stage process. First the vertical line of the cross was masked and painted, and then the horizontal lines were done.

Things not done yet

Issue 7 : Paint the tool box : Done
Issue 8 : Glue components to the turret floor : Done
Issue 9 : Assemble the turret

Hot tip of the week

A magnetised screwdriver is very useful for fixing the turret walls.

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