Week 10  This week we get the emergency exit hatch and some spare track links

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first thing I noticed is that there is a big gap around the emergency exit hatch.  This should actually be a small gap.  I'm working out how best to correct this.

The trunnion was simply painted and glued on.  I gave this a final coat after it was glued in place, which was fairly easy as the turret is not yet assembled.  

If you look closely, you can see the fresh paint is a slightly different shade to the original.  This is just the difference between different bottles brought at different times.  This is actually more noticeable in the photo than in real life, and in any case it will disappear when the tank is weathered.  Of course, its better to buy all the paint you need in one go, but I can never work out how many bottles I'm going to need, and I'd hate to waste the 3/4 bottle left at the end of a previous project anyway.

I'll leave the track links and brackets till next week and do them all at the same time.

To improve the escape hatch, first I added a strip of plasticard round the inside of the hatch opening.  This was glued in place with Araldite Instant.

This has neatly hidden the gap between the inner and outer parts of the turret.

Then I added a strip of plasticard round the hatch itself.

Here is the painted hatch.  I painted the red handles.  Popular opinion seems to suggest that they may have been red, but I haven't seen any authorative references.  It looks quite good though.

The hatch is installed.  You can see the gap is much reduced, and still allows the hatch to open.

Things not done yet

Issue 9 : Assemble turret.
Issue 10 : Fit spare track links and brackets.

Hot tip of the week

Emery board (aka nail files) make excellent sanding sticks.  They can be cut to special shapes if needed.

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