Week 11  This week we get the first batch of planks. The planking will continue up until week 16.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The brackets are stuck on Blutac for painting.  (The Emergency exit hinge and trunnions were painted at the same time)

Note that the Blutac keep paint of the location pins and glued areas.  The small top brackets are carefully angled to protect the glued areas, but allow the bottom of the hinge socket to be painted.

Once the brackets were painted they were glued in place.  I used a fairly generous drop of medium super glue to fix them.  Thick super glue may be better, but I didn't have any.  I gave the brackets their final coat of paint after they had been glued in place.  It was easier to add this final coat of paint as I hadn't assembled the turret yet.

Don't forget to scrape the glue off the turret so you're gluing metal to metal (as best you can anyway, it's virtually impossible with the zimmerit coating.)

Here are the painted and assembled top brackets.  Note where the Blutac kept the paint off the glued areas.

Finally, the brackets are glued in place.  They will get one more coat of paint to cover the chips.

The spare track links have now been painted black, ready for fitting at a later date.  I haven't decided how to weather them yet.  Maybe a few rust coloured chips and scratches.

Things not done yet

Issue 9 : Assemble the turret.
Issue 10 : Fit spare track links and brackets : Done
Issue 11 : Paint and fit spare track links.

Hot tip of the week

Don't glue onto a painted surface if you can help it.

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