Week 14  This week we get the MG34 anti-aircraft machine gun

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first job I did was to assemble the mount, ready for painting.  The mould lines were all filed off as well.  The parts are cast from white metal, and you do seem to be able to bend them a little.  I splayed the legs of the support so that they sprang against the side of the lower bracket to give a little bit of friction.

The gun was sprayed with gunmetal paint.  Then the grip and stock were painted brown.  Finally, I gave the gun a wash with Vallejo black dipping wash.  This is a new product that you just dip the part in.  There was a bit too much wash left on, so I mopped a bit off with a cotton bud.  The finished result is quite pleasing.

The mount has been painted dark yellow.  I won't attach the these parts to the turret until it's virtually finished, to save breaking them !

Things left to do

Issue 9 : Assemble the turret.
Issue 11 : Paint and fit spare track links.
Issue 12 : Paint and complete the commander's cupola

Hot tip of the week

White metal will bend a little, but be very gentle as it breaks easily as well.

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