Week 19  This week we get the hull front

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Firstly, I glued the vision block to the front armour.

Next job was to assemble the headlight.

Then paint it dark yellow.

Then the front armour was glued to the deck.  I used super glue, and applied it to the top edges as well as the sides and the raised ridges.

The remaining parts are painted dark yellow.  I've done this before gluing them in place to make sure I get a full coverage of the ball, and don't have to spray too much paint in this area when painting the deck. 

I'm going to leave the ball until we've received the machine gun to go in it, and I'll leave the headlight until later so it doesn't get broken off.

Now I've painted the hull, I've fitted the headlight and the machine gun ball.  I was going to leave the machine gun ball until after the gun had been fitted, but as I'm going to re-paint the hull after it's completed, I might as well fit it now as I don't want the machine gun fitted before final painting.  Here is the head lamp in detail.

Here is the machine gun ball.  Note that the hole for the barrel goes to the right of the tank.

Hot tip of the week

Try to paint things that move before putting them in place if possible.

Things left to do

Issue 9 : Assemble the turret.
Issue 11 : Paint and fit spare track links.
Issue 12 : Paint and complete the commander's cupola : Done
Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight

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