Week 22  This week we get the engine cover

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I started by fitting the handles, vent and front latch.

Next I'll paint the parts, and then fit the remaining parts.

Here's a modification to improve the accuracy of the model.  The part at the front really only has a top and sides, so I've cut the front away.

I used 2.5mm styrene rod to make the six pillars.  These were lined up by eye with the bolt heads on the other side of the cover.

To complete the modification, a plate is added to the front of the part.  Note that the posts were cut in half to get the plate closer to the edge.  This is a case of making it look right rather than being 100% correct.

Now it is glued in place and everything is painted.  The pillars are slightly over sized, but I'm pleased with the improvement.

Things left to do

Issue 9 : Assemble the turret.
Issue 10 : Finish the emergency exit.
Issue 11 : Paint and fit spare track links.
Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight
Issue 22 : Finish the engine cover

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