Week 24  This week we get a jack stand, towing hook and vent cover

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The vent cover is glued in place first.

The headlight, cable and junction box are dry fitted.  I drilled a hole in the cable gland of the junction box so the cable had a hole to sit in rather than just being glued on the end, which probably wouldn't hold.

Note the Blutac holding the headlight in place.

Once I was happy with the fit, the junction box was glued to the cable with superglue.

The jack stand was glued together with Tamiya Extra Thin liquid cement.  This glues the ABS well, but the normal Revell and Tamiya tube and liquid cement won't glue ABS.

The stand needs a bit more work to remove the join.

Don't glue the jack stand or tow hook in place until after any camouflage is painted, otherwise it will be very difficult to do without spoiling the paintwork on these detail parts.

Here is the painted tow hook waiting to be fitted.  The metal effect is Mr Metal Color Dark Iron.

The jack stand was painted brown, and the bands painted black.  I then dry brushed several different shades of brown to give theeffect of a wood grain.  

The headlamp was fixed in place after the top deck was painted.

Things not yet done

Issue 9 : Assemble the turret.
Issue 10 : Finish the emergency exit.
Issue 11 : Paint and fit spare track links.
Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight
Issue 22 : Finish the engine cover
Issue 23 : Paint the radiator covers
Issue 24 : Finish the issue


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