Week 54  This week we get the first set of wheels

The bits we received

And what we did with them

First thoughts on the wheels.  It's inadvisable to glue the hubs so they can't be removed if you want to do a camo paint job.  

There is also little point in painting the spring mountings as these parts will be hidden on the final model.

Here are the outside of the arms fitted.  They don't move very freely, but can be improved by adding a smear of Vaseline on the pivot and the back of the arm.  You can see on the front arm where it rubs on the chassis.  I'm not too bothered about the scratch as this will be impossible to see once the wheels are fitted.  I screwed the screws up tight enough so they started to cause the arms to bind, and then slacked them off a little until the arms moved freely.

This is the interior view.  The parts aren't painted as they will be covered.  I think the main reason this suspension doesn't work very effectively is that the springs are anchored very close to the pivot point, so they don't create very much torque.  It would have been better if the spring posts were taller, but then the interior covers wouldn't fit.  I guess it's one of those modelling compromises.

I shall add a drop of super glue to the top of the spring posts as at least one of the screws has stripped the thread, and they will be inaccessible on the completed model.

Now the wheels have been painted and fixed in place.  I haven't glued the hub caps on yet as I will want to take the wheels off to apply the camouflage pattern.  A light smear of Vaseline on the screw threads helps the screw go in easily.  It's a better bet than screwing it in and out a couple of times.

Things not yet done

Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight
Issue 23 : Paint the radiator covers
Issue 24 : Finish the issue
Issue 25 : Complete issue
Issue 32 : Complete the tow cable
Issue 33 : Complete issue
Issue 38 : Paint the parts
Issue 39 : Entire issue
Issue 42 : Finish the issue
Issue 43 : Finish the issue
Issue 44 : Finish the issue
Issue 45 : Entire issue
Issue 46 : Entire issue
Issue 47 : Entire issue
Issue 49 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 50 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 51 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 52 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 54 to 61 : Fit the hub caps.

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