Week 65  This week we get the last batch of wheels

The bits we received

And what we did with them

This is the same as week 63.  Here is the wheel fitted, but waiting for the hub cap.

The rest of this entry was done (will be done ?) in week 140.  You should apply any camouflage pattern to the wheels before fixing them permanently as it will be far easier to paint the camo on the wheels with them removed from the model.

To fix the wheel permanently, first place the inner wheels on their axles.  Then screw the middle wheels in place.  There screw in easier if you apply a tiny drop of Vaseline to the thread.

Now glue the outer wheel to the inner wheel.  I used super glue and make sure they are seated properly.  When the glue is dry, fix these in place with screws.

Finally, glue all the hub caps in place.

This completes the wheel assembly.

Things not yet done

Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight
Issue 23 : Paint the radiator covers
Issue 24 : Finish the issue
Issue 25 : Complete issue
Issue 32 : Complete the tow cable
Issue 33 : Complete issue
Issue 38 : Paint the parts
Issue 39 : Entire issue
Issue 42 : Finish the issue
Issue 43 : Finish the issue
Issue 44 : Finish the issue
Issue 45 : Entire issue
Issue 46 : Entire issue
Issue 47 : Entire issue
Issue 49 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 50 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 51 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 52 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 54 to 65 : Fit the hub caps.

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