Week 77  This week we get more engine parts.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Again. I have glued the gunmetal parts to the engine, and left the black parts until later.  I have slipped up slightly.  The long part, 463, should not have been glued in place as it makes fitting part 460 tricky.  I shall simply cut the pegs off part 460 and drop it in from the top. 

The engine has now been given a coat of gunmetal paint, followed by a black wash.  The black wash doesn't stand out too well in the photo.  I think the flash has bleached it out.  It does add a lot of depth to the engine though.

Here are the parts from week 73 added.  I painted the bands on the starter motors with steel paint.  I've no idea if this is accurate, but I think it adds a bit more interest to the model.

You can also see how the black wash makes the bolt heads and other details stand out.

Here are the parts from week 74 added.  Again, the steel bands are just what I think look right.  I didn't find any reference material to authenticate them.

Here is the rear of the engine.  The black wash stands out quite well in this photo.  The starter chain was picked out in natural steel.

Finally the front of the engine.

Things not yet done

Issue 19 : Fit ball and headlight
Issue 24 : Finish the issue
Issue 25 : Complete issue
Issue 32 : Complete the tow cable
Issue 33 : Complete issue
Issue 38 : Paint the parts
Issue 39 : Entire issue
Issue 40 : Paint the top deck.
Issue 42 : Finish the issue
Issue 43 : Finish the issue
Issue 44 : Finish the issue
Issue 45 : Entire issue
Issue 46 : Entire issue
Issue 47 : Entire issue
Issue 49 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 50 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 51 : Paint and fit shackles
Issue 52 : Paint and fit shackles
Issues 54 to 65 : Fit the hub caps
Issues 67 & 68 : Paint and fit parts
Issue 73 & 74 : Fit ancillary parts to engine : Done
Issue 76 : Fit ancillary parts to engine and fit axle holders : Engine parts done
Issue 77 : Fit ancillary parts to engine : Done


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