Week 94  This week we get the turret drive couplings and some pipe work.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Now we can complete the turret drive.  The flanges and couplings simply glue in place.  Now the parts are awaiting painting.

The three pipes were assembled onto the main part without removing it from the fret.  I cut away all bar one securing point so there is minimal touching up to do after painting.

The turret drive is painted gun metal.  I'm not gluing the parts into the hull until everything is to hand.

The pipes are all painted gunmetal and glued in place.

Here's the other side.

Things not yet done

Issue 25 : Complete issue
Issue 32 : Complete the tow cable
Issue 33 : Complete issue
Issue 38 : Paint the parts
Issue 39 : Details to add
Issue 41 : Fit fire extinguisher
Issue 45 : Entire issue
Issue 46 : Entire issue
Issue 47 : Entire issue
Issues 54 to 65 : Fit the hub caps
Issue 88 : Paint and fit parts
Issue 89 : Complete the issue
Issue 91 : Complete the issue

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