Week 116  This week we get the right radiator

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The rad is assembled first.

Next comes a lick of paint.  I think they have got the colours all wrong, so I'm going to paint the radiators black.  I've never seen a red oxide radiator !

I dry brushed the rad with silver paint.  This picks out the highlights, where light would catch.  I.e.  On the fins, the corners and the cap.  It give sthe rad a lot more depth.  Dry brushing is easy to do, but practice on something less important first as it's quite easy to apply too much paint. 

Put a little silver paint on a mixing tray (I just use a saucer, and hope the wife isn't looking !).  Put a little on a flat brush, quite a large one for this and you're dong a large area, and then brush virtually all the paint out on a piece of paper.  Now just lightly brush the brush over the rad.  What little paint remains on the brush will come off on the raised details.  The secret is to use as little paint as possible, and go over the same area several times.  That was you build up the paint in a slow and controlled manner, making it easoer to get an even finish.

Glue the rad to the fans.

The bottom hose is slightly tricky to get into the right position.  Do a dry run of the next two photos to get the feel of it.  

Glue the hose in position with superglue.  Use a generous amount of superglue as this make is set slower, and won't be visible.  In fact, the whole pipe is hidden so you could leave it off if you wanted.

Before the glue sets, get the pipe located in the hole, and the rad located in its slots.  Don't glue the rad in place just yet.

Now leave it a few minutes for the super lgue to go offf.

Now you can remove the rad assembly.  The lower hose will stay in the correct position and you can add the top hose.

This is the tricky bit.  Apply glue to the bottom of the rad, the end of the bottom hose, and the ends of the top hose.  Fit the top hose to the rad.  Now quickly fit the rad in position, making sure that the bottom and top hoses both locate in their holes in the bulkhead.  Again, a dry run pays dividends.

Here is the rad in position.

Things not yet done

Issue 25 : Complete issue
Issue 32 : Complete the tow cable
Issue 33 : Complete issue
Issue 41 : Fit fire extinguisher
Issue 47 : Entire issue
Issues 54 to 65 : Fit the hub caps
Issue 103 : Fit the fire extinguisher to the firewall.
Issue 106 : Complete the seats
Issue 107 : Paint the ammo boxes
Issue 109 : Paint the parts
Issue 110 : Paint the ammo boxes
Issue 112 : Paint the ammo boxes
Issue 113 : Complete the issue
Issue 115 : Paint and assemble the parts
Issue 116 : Paint the radiator

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