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The Rules.

1.  No bad language.  This forum is a family friendly place.

2.  No distribution of copyrighted material.  

3.  No trolls.  Trolls are people who try to stir up trouble and do not contribute to the community.  Trolling messages will get deleted.  Repeated messages will get you a warning or a ban.

4.  No spam.  Spammers will enjoy an instant ban.

5.  Complaints.  The purpose of this forum is to help people build the Tiger Tank.  It's not a soap box for people to complain from.  Tell us about your problems and ask for help or opinions.  Forum members will gladly help you.  Unconstructive posts may earn you a warning, and eventually a ban.  Again, this is a family friendly place.

6.  Karma.  Feel free to praise or criticise posts by clicking Exalt (to give good karma) or Smite (to give bad karma).  You can only give one rating per hour, so give your karma wisely.

7.  Advertising.  Feel free to offer spare issues for sale.  You may also post links to companies who supply goods that may help building the model providing you have no connection with the company (other than as a customer).  You should contact me if you want commercial advertising or are offering anything of substantial value for sale.

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Go on - join !! It's a really good forum - it's not just me saying that, it's the guys n gals on the forum !